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Robotic Surgical Services: Gynecologic Oncologic Surgery

Our experienced team combines the most advanced diagnostic technologies with promising therapies and sophisticated surgical options, ensuring each patient receives the best possible care. Many surgical procedures commonly used to treat gynecologic cancers can be performed using the da Vinci robotic system, including procedures to treat uterine and cervical cancers, and others.

Uterine Cancer
This cancer is one of the most common invasive cancers affecting women in the United States. Robotic hysterectomies are commonly performed to treat this type of cancer along with removal of lymph nodes to determine if the cancer has spread.

Cervical Cancer
This cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting a woman's reproductive organs. The most common cause is due to human papillomavirus (HPV); a sexually transmitted disease which may be prevented using an FDA-approved vaccine. Early cervical cancer or other pre-cancerous abnormalities do not cause symptoms and the only way to detect this cancer in its early stages is through routine pelvic examinations. In more advanced stages, symptoms can include vaginal bleeding after intercourse and pelvic pain. Common robotic procedures used to treat this cancer include removing the cervix or a hysterectomy, the removal of the uterus.

Are you a candidate?
For more information on the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers, please visit www.womenscancercareofseattle.org or contact us at 206-368-6806.

Cancer definitions courtesy of the National Cancer Institute.

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