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Additional Programs and Services

The following programs are offered by the physicians and staff at Summit Cardiology at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center. For more information about these programs, please call 206-363-1004.

Cardiovascular Wellness Program
The Cardiovascular Wellness Program is dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Working with the individual's primary care physician, a detailed cardiovascular risk factor assessment is performed in order to determine the most effective course of prevention and treatment.

Advanced techniques such as cardiac calcium scoring (ultra-fast CT) may be used for very early diagnosis of cardiac disease, before it starts to cause symptoms. High-risk individuals are given appropriate counseling and treatment in the Lipid Clinic. Here, an individual's cholesterol profile and metabolic factors are assessed to help in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Dietary recommendations, medication

Cardiovascular Research Program
The Cardiovascular Research Program focuses on advancing our understanding of cardiovascular diseases and developing new treatments. Clinical researchers participate in studies that help define the best treatment for specific cardiovascular conditions. Physicians have access to the latest innovations and advances in medications and technologies to help care for their patients.

Close To Home: Cardiac Fitness & Rehabilitation Services

Northwest Hospital's Cardiac Fitness and Rehabilitation Program is designed to assist patients in recovering from cardiac surgery and to help those with heart problems or at risk for heart disease to live healthier lives.

Cardiac rehabilitation and fitness help patients learn to make positive health choices and lifestyle changes to lower their risk of developing or experiencing a recurrence of cardiovascular disease. The program includes nurses, exercise physiologists and dietitians, with oversight by a board-certified cardiologist. Patients are individually partnered with staff members who help identify their risk factors and tailor a program designed to reduce their risk of further heart problems.

Exercise classes are held two to three times a week in the Cardiac Fitness Center on the Northwest Hospital campus. The classes are designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and balance, using many different kinds of equipment. Additional weekly educational classes provide information to help patients make lifestyle and diet changes.

The program requires referral from a physician. Please call 206-368-6550 for more information.

The Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence Award
Northwest Hospital Earns The Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence Award
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Northwest Hospital Earns The Emergency Medicine Excellence Award
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