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Chetan Pungoti, MD

  Primary Specialty:   Cardiovascular Disease
Group Affiliation:  Summit Cardiology
Address:   1536 N 115th St Suite 200
City/State/Zip:   Seattle, WA 98133
Phone:   (206) 363-1004
Office Hours:  
Board Certification:   Yes
Url:  http://www.summitcardiology.com

Five question for Dr Pungoti:

What makes a good doctor?

I believe being a good doctor starts with being a good listener. There are so many things you can learn by keeping your mouth closed and your ears open. I love being able to get to know about my patients and their lives. Spending time listening to patients helps foster a lifelong relationship based on mutual understanding. Combining that with compassion and cutting-edge knowledge allows us to help patients lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

Whatís the most important thing you can do to keep a healthy heart?

Exercise, exercise, and more exercise. I know itís hard to find the time with our busy lives, but maintaining an active lifestyle is the number one thing you can do to help lead a long and enjoyable life.

Do you exercise?

I try my hardest to exercise regularly. Itís difficult with a demanding profession and two little ones, but I try to find 45 minutes, 3-4 times a week to get on the treadmill or bike. I find that sweating a bit definitely helps me unwind from a stressful day and gives me more energy

What are some of the most exciting advances in cardiology today?

For many years the only option patients with atrial fibrillation had to help prevent stroke was the anti-clotting medication Coumadin. Taking Coumadin requires lots of office and laboratory visits, and I imagine being a patient must sometimes feel like a full-time job. In the past year we have seen two new drugs that are just as effective as Coumadin at preventing strokes but donít require the intensive monitoring. That gives our patients more time to spend doing the things they truly enjoy in life.

Fish oil for heart health. Myth or fact?

A little bit of both. Fish oils (Omega-3), when taken in large doses, definitely improve peopleís cholesterol levels. But they are not nearly as effective as statins, which should be the mainstay of therapy for patients with high cholesterol or coronary artery disease. Studies have shown time and again that statins lower cholesterol levels and, most importantly, prolong life - something they have failed to show with fish oils.

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