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10 Reasons to Get a Check-Up

Itís a new year ó why not start it off by taking charge of your health? The best way to do so is to make an appointment with your healthcare provider for an adult wellness check-up. Regular check-ups play an important role in a healthy lifestyle.

Get a check-up to:

  1. Get tips on how to improve your diet and lose those holiday pounds.
  2. Find out if that weird symptom youíve been having is the sign of a bigger problem.
  3. Update your vaccinations (Did you know that you need a tetanus shot every 10 years?)
  4. Learn your important ďhealth numbers,Ē including blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels.
  5. Discover ways to get started on your New Yearís resolution to exercise more or quit smoking.
  6. Keep your primary care provider up-to-date on your current health, in case you have a serious illness later.
  7. Find out if youíre at risk for future health problems related to your lifestyle or family history.
  8. Find out where and when to get crucial screenings, like a mammogram or colonoscopy.
  9. Learn what you can do to prevent serious conditions like osteoporosis or skin cancer.
  10. Gain peace of mind that youíre doing your best to stay healthy.
To find a primary care provider, click here.

Fall Prevention Tips for Winter

Falls are a leading cause of injury among adults age 65 and older, and winter is prime time for slips and stumbles. Each year, one in three older adults suffers a fall and approximately 2 million of them require treatment in an emergency department.

Even in the winter, many falls can be prevented. There are several simple ways you can protect yourself and your loved ones from falling this season.

  • Increase the lighting in your home and make sure all porch and outside lights function properly.
  • Always remove any snow or ice from outdoor steps or walkways.
  • Watch out for ice or standing water when getting out of your car.
  • Build strength and improve your coordination by exercising regularly.
  • Avoid carrying heavy or awkward loads that may impair your balance.
  • Wear shoes that fit properly and provide plenty of traction.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol to excess.
  • Allow adequate time to reach your destination so you donít have to hurry across a slippery parking lot or along icy sidewalks.
  • Install handrails on all indoor and outdoor staircases.
  • Consider using a walker or cane if you have problems with balance or stability, and donít be embarrassed to ask for help navigating slippery spots.

The Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence Award
Northwest Hospital Earns The Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence Award
The Emergency Medicine Excellence Award
Northwest Hospital Earns The Emergency Medicine Excellence Award
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