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Laboratory Test Directory

Welcome to the Laboratory Service Directory for Northwest Hospital & Medical Center. This alphabetical directory is devoted to serving our patients by providing helpful information regarding the scope of services we offer, in addition to detailed information about all the tests we perform. Entries include test name and test code (mnemonic), CPT code, test methodologies, specimen requirements, collection container(s), collection instructions, expected turnaround times, reference intervals and additional information.

We hope that you find the directory useful. Please contact the laboratory directly, at (206) 368-1776, with any questions.

Specimen Container Key
Hover over container name to view.

  • Red Top
  • SST, Gold Top
  • EDTA, Lavender
  • EDTA, Lavender 7 mL
  • PST Heparin
  • Affirm VPm
  • Port a Cult

  • ACD Yellow
  • Royal Blue EDTA
  • Royal Blue Trace
  • Blue Citrate
  • Grey Fluoride
  • ProbeTec Swabs
  • Green Heparin

  • Collection Instructions
  • Stool Collections for Reference Lab testing
  • Fertility Studies: Specimen Collection
  • Microbiology Specimen Collection and Handling For Clinicians
  • 24-Hour Urine Collection

  • CAP Accreditation